ANYONE TUNING IN the Sunday talk shows to find out what was new in the governance of men was bound to be disappointed: The punditocracy had given itself over entirely to the death of Princess Diana and her consort. Our Sunday sages were only part of the wall-to-wall network TV coverage of the accident that occupied the little screen nonstop for a hundred hours this weekend, and that shows no sign of abating. No cliché was left unminted in the torrents of lachrymose prose that leaked from the tube. Anyone with even the most tenuous and fleeting contact with the late princess was dredged up to fill airtime: John Travolta, who danced with her once, was endlessly interviewed; Henry Kissinger was disinterred from his corporate consultancies long enough to growl ponderously about her social significance; and even the president disturbed his Martha's Vineyard vacation for an I-feel-your-pain press conference of the sort usually reserved for heads of state. CNN gave itself over to a 10-minute on-air telephone chat with a supposed eyewitness to the car crash who turned out to be one of those Howard... More >>>