It's funny that the Republicans are coming to town on Labor Day, seeing as how they've traditionally been a bit adversarial towards the labor movement. Fortunately, there's another entertainment option for people who care a bit more about workers' rights, living wages and union solidarity--and it costs less than two hours' worth of minimum-wage pay. Take Back Labor Day! has a packed and eclectic lineup that should appeal to folkies and hip-hop heads alike: a reunion of the full, original lineup of the Cali alt-rap icons the Pharcyde and an appearance by charismatic rapper/actor Mos Def should entertain all the b-boys and b-girls out there, while alt-country godfather Steve Earle and folk-punk agitator Billy Bragg fill the other half of the concert's folk-meets-rap equation. And Tom Morello should appeal to both sides, performing a set that should whet some anticipation for his upcoming... More >>>