Cecillie Surasky is no stranger to being misunderstood, having her faith questioned, and giving the world her two cents. The Philadelphia native was raised in the city of brotherly love, and now she's in the business of joining two seemingly irreconcilable peoples by stopping historically unchecked hatred and some of the worst violence human beings have committed. Surasky is the director of communications for Jewish Voice for Peace, a San Francisco organization that calls for (gasp!) both Israeli and Palestinian concessions in order to bring about long-term peace. As tends to happen to those willing to compromise, Surasky and Jewish Voice for Peace are often the target of organizations and individuals with unyielding opinions on violence, sovereignty, and religion. But she weathers the criticism for what she considers the ultimate cause. "It's like the biggest topic ever!" she says of the conflict. On Thursday Surasky will bring her and JVP's call for peace to Macalester College with a speech titled "Silencing Peacemakers in the Middle East: Anti-Semitism Vs.... More >>>