People who've been keeping tabs on the Found Footage Festival might have noticed some unusual developments recently where the VHS-exhuming oddballs are concerned. Having made their name on discovering the weirdest in old discarded instructional videos, industrial films, public-access detritus, and home-movie debris, Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher have actually crossed over to the other side and brought back moments in weird video that they had a hand in creating themselves. The recent seventh volume of their series, which also marks their 10-year anniversary of putting out the FFF, includes footage of Prueher impersonating a chef and pranking local news morning shows with some bizarre ideas about how to reconstitute Thanksgiving leftovers. And as a team, Pickett and Prueher used their time producing and editing an aborted reality show on redneck snake handlers to create a supercut of all their subjects' unpleasant bodily noises. That said, their current itinerary still leaves plenty of room for the vintage stumbled-upon finds that make up the best of their too-weird-for-YouTube repertoire, including another in their longstanding series of montages from gimmicky exercise tapes and poorly thought-out music videos, a how-to video on cybersex dating back from the internet's mid-'90s stone age, and behind-the-scenes footage from a Portland news program that reveals just how irritable newscasters can get when the broadcast isn't live. Throw in the touching reunion of a couple of shopping-network pitchmen featured in a previous volume and the traditional look at their favorite thrift-store VHS covers, and there's plenty to satisfy (and mortify) fans who've been following them for all 10 years. It's not the most highbrow stuff, but it is definite proof that the junk most people thought was better left forgotten only gets funnier... More >>>