"I think I was always a class clown," says comedian Chris Distefano. "I was always flirting with the idea of doing standup comedy, but you have to have the balls to finally get up and do it." He didn't give the notion serious consideration until he was 23, and didn't work up the nerve until he was 26. He spent those intervening years becoming a physical therapist. Once that career was going, along with the steady income, he transitioned into standup. When asked about his early comedy influences, he offers one name. "Jim Carrey. Anything Jim Carrey," he says. "I was a big fan of his. I'm still his number-one fan. I look up to him and his career, and I hope one day I get to meet him." Onstage though, Distefano doesn't ape his hero at all. Instead, he concentrates on telling jokes about his family. "I always felt like I had a funny family," he explains. "I tried to be very self-aware about it. I have this funny family, but I know why they're funny. The whole reason I got into comedy was to one day make a TV show about my dad." Speaking of TV shows, Distefano is probably most widely known from his work on... More >>>