Thomas Spiegel, AKA DJ Man-X, was one of the originators of house music in Minneapolis. His famous House Nation Under a Groove party series began in New York City, and when he moved to Minneapolis in the late '80s, he continued the events at the 7th Street Entry. At the time, this kind of music was really only played in Chicago, Detroit, and New York, but Spiegel and his collaborators helped start a large underground scene here in Minneapolis, which still carries on today. Sadly, Spiegel passed away in late 2012, but his musical legacy lives on today, both literally and in spirit. In the literal sense, local techno DJ DVS1 acquired his entire collection of more than 25,000 records, which have worked their way into his sets in all corners of the world. In the spiritual sense, his take on what made a good party good are still important parts of the house and techno scenes here today, 25 years later. To pay tribute, several of Spiegel's favorite local house DJs have come together to throw a party in his memory. On August 9, the Entry will become the House of Spiegel once again. No expense will be spared to bring in a ridiculous amount of speakers and to properly decorate the venue, which were trademarks of any party Spiegel threw. With Daniel Paul, Craig Lambert, David Stromdahl, Bryan Gerrard, Etones,... More >>>