While Arj Barker headlines comedy clubs and theaters across America, it's in Australia that he's become enormously popular and, as such, he now lives there. Among the things Barker enjoys is the less stressful air-travel experience within the country. "They don't have a version of the TSA, it's just normal. You don't have to take off your shoes most of the time, and generally there are just fewer people, so it's less intense." Another thing he likes about Australia is the wildlife, some of which gets up close and personal with the California native. "They have a lot of bizarre animals over there," he says. "I have a python living on the roof of my house." Indeed, if you go to his Instagram account, arjbarker, you can see a photo of the huge snake that found its way onto his porch one day. "They are native snakes and as such you're not allowed to harm them. Not that I would. I love snakes. We have also seen venomous snakes on the property, and I don't mind them as long as we stay away from each other." And those aren't the only creatures that are wreaking havoc there. "I think there are packs of wild French bulldogs there," he reports. "They're not dangerous, but they're really cute. So if you see them, it can really impact your schedule. They're so cute, so it can really get you off course if you have something to do that... More >>>