In a sea of silver Hondas, black SUVs, and red pickup trucks, the ArtCar stands out. Like a remodeled vintage car, each is a labor of love, and elicits stares and claps of joy when spotted in traffic. They're the cars with murals painted on the side or with items hot-glued everywhere. Some of these vehicles are so familiar around town that they are almost like local celebrities. There's the fairy car, with a blond sprite painted on the hood; the cork car, with wine corks glued to every possible surface (except the windows, of course); and the lipstick car, with its giant red tube attached to the roof. The local ArtCars will be convening this Saturday, joining forces with a few ArtBikes, for a parade that will take a lap around Lake Harriet. Bring a blanket and enjoy the show. For... More >>>