Do you remember the simple joy of a grade-school field trip? The excitement of climbing onto a bus to be taken somewhere unknown and exciting is something most adults don't get to experience regularly. Thankfully, the Soap Factory's Common Room series is returning this summer to bring some of that thrill to your Wednesday nights. Expanding their popular interactive art happenings to the streets of the Twin Cities, local creatives Andy Sturdevant and Sergio Vucci have been hosting their artist-led tours seven years. Evenings included wryly funny quips about ultra-capitalism during a stroll through the Mall of America, and richly informative presentations on the history of streetcars while riding the light rail. The tours are framed within a basic principle put forward by Sturdevant and Vucci: When people interact with their peers and the world around them in insightful ­— occasionally chaotic — situations, it creates moments that are just as much art as any work on display. The first tour this season will center on one of Minnesota's favorite resources: fish. The guides promise to take a deep look into our relationship with fishing. There will be things to learn from professional anglers, visits to bait shops and restaurants specializing in seafood, and some quality time spent at the old fishing hole. Guests are encouraged to bring along their favorite fishing rod and keep an open mind: As knowledgeable and fascinating as Sturdevant and Vucci are, these tours have a freewheeling, catch-as-catch-can... More >>>