"For the last couple of hours I've been arguing with right-wingers on Twitter," says comedian Andy Kindler from his home in Los Angeles. "I can't help myself, because in my life I've seen so many different things and so many changes." Kindler is still puzzled by the amount of disrespect some show the president. "With Clinton, I knew it was all BS, why they tried to impeach him, and they always made the argument that he had an affair and all that crap. But there has never been a more honest president than Obama. It's just a fact." Arguing that point on social media can be frustrating. "Twitter is the greatest thing and the worst thing. There's some times when I can go for hours and not let anything bother me, but I'm not that way all the time, and I am tired of trying to appear like the cool guy, like nothing gets to me." Andy Kindler is one of America's busiest comedians. He's currently preparing to deliver the State of the Industry speech at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, which takes place at the end of July. He's been giving the address since 1996, and each year he finds it more challenging. "I've realized over the years that the more I make it like a roast and less about rage, the more effective and enjoyable it is," he explains. "But sometimes when I jest I'm angry and I have to express... More >>>