Former radio personality Slade Ham was always interested in comedy growing up, but like many aspiring comics, he wasn't quite sure how to pursue it. His journey began at Best Buy. "All the DJs from one of the local radio stations would come in whenever they had a CD that was scratched or wouldn't play." Ham became the go-to guy for finding CDs, and soon became quite clever about it. "I would always make sure we didn't have it at the store," he explains. "I would then tell them I had it in my personal collection, and that I could drop it by the station." He was eventually hired as a board operator, meaning he spun some dials and loaded up the syndicated Rick Dees countdown show on Sunday mornings. "I picked the lock on the production studio and made my own air checks, which I sent to the station across town. That's how I got my first radio job." For many DJs, the radio business is less than lucrative, so Ham wound up moonlighting as a bartender. "They had an open mic one night, so I decided to give it a try. Fifteen years later, here we are." At first, Ham told more conventional set-up/punchline jokes, like the ones he'd heard... More >>>