Rabid eccentric Robyn Hitchcock is obsessed—at least in his songwriting—with the standard litany of sex, food, death, tarantulas (those four combined for the title of a recent EP), eyeballs, frogs, eggs, and various sea creatures. He also boasts an enduring appreciation for the halcyon days of psychedelia, which, with a healthy dose of prime British pop rock, was at the core of his first band, the Soft Boys. Nigh on three decades after the Boys softened into the ether, Hitchcock, still lavishly surrealistic and a certified iconoclast, is busier than ever, spewing solo records at a steady pace and engaging in the odd side project, like his last, Venus 3, featuring R.E.M.'s Peter Buck and former Young Fresh Fellow Scott McCaughey. Hitchcock's current solo tour coincides with the release of a... More >>>