There's no obvious sign outside Hammer & Sickle, a Russian vodka bar and restaurant in the former Kinsen Noodle space in Uptown, but you definitely know when you've found it. Red light emanates from the building's overhangs, and the door handle is a wrought-iron hammer and sickle. If these thematic touches hit you over the head, one look at the menu will have you a little less convinced. Siberian dumplings, chicken Kiev, and golobtsi are all there, but a few items decidedly not from the old country — kobe beef sliders and shrimp cocktail — left us perplexed and more than a little wary. Were we going to get theme restaurant clichés without substance? Or would the kitchen be able to temper the touches of kitsch and deliver authentic Russian fare? By the end of a few heavy but restorative meals, we had found a happy medium between tropes and truth: Hammer & Sickle is a restaurant that interprets Eastern European cuisine using an... More >>>