The Dean of Scream (a.k.a. Curt Almsted) has been doing his John Lennon tribute on the anniversary of the Beatle's murder for more than three decades. He'll start off the fresh year with something that may become a new annual rite: honoring Hank Williams with a little help from some honky tonkin' friends on the anniversary of the country legend's untimely demise at age 29 in 1953. If anyone can convincingly make the stretch from Strawberry Fields to the banks of the old Pontchartrain, it's the redoubtable Curtiss A. Joining Curt along this lost highway will be guitarists Frankie Lee, Dale Strength, and Sprague Hollander; bassist Bill Grenke; Randy Broughton on pedal steel; fiddler Dave Boquist; and vocalist Jim Boquist — a sufficiently large ensemble so that nobody should be lonesome enough... More >>>