Formerly dubbed the North Star Comedy Hour & Meat Raffle, Mary Mack's Holiday Meat Raffle Show and Doggy Sweater Competition is fast becoming a Twin Cities holiday tradition. This year's installment, hosted by the Cedar on the West Bank, will feature an evening stuffed with as much variety and possibility as a hot-dish party. You can expect standup comedy, folk songs, sing-alongs, storytelling, poetry, and a raffle boasting rotten meat from a shady butcher. Past years have included a Spanish American War reenactment, Mack jamming out on her own gallbladder (which she had shellacked and made into a rattle post-surgery), and other crazy shenanigans. This year will feature surf-rockers the Sex Rays, punk poet Paul Dickinson, standup comedian Amber Preston, playwright and actor Joseph Scrimshaw, author John Jodzio, and the Prairie Fire Lady Choir. Be share to stay for the dogs in holiday sweaters... More >>>