It all started with a wedding gig. When Andrew Broder's best friend tied the knot in 2008, it brought together all former members of cryptic art-rockers Fog. Together for the first time in five years, frontman Broder, drummer Martin Dosh, bassist Mark Erickson, and guitarist Jeremy Ylvisaker had a decidedly different set of musical marching orders. "We were told to only play Tom Petty and Creedence Clearwater Revival," recalls Dosh, seated on the Icehouse patio alongside Broder and Erickson. "We ended up having a blast, and it was an important step in the realization of this new band." Inspired by the loose and rollicking gig, the reunited friends began crafting viscerally charged post-punk under a new moniker reflective of their ascendant aggression: the Cloak Ox. The antithesis of the obtuse, sample-driven work of Fog, the band's... More >>>