Do you know what the biggest and best bar night of the year is? You'd be wrong to say New Year's Eve, and don't even think about that green-doused mid-March holiday. The most awesome night to hit the town is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Why, you ask? Because it's everyone's last hurrah before forced family fun time — set around a dried-out bird and Aunt Ida's Jell-O salad monstrosity, of course — kicks in. This Wednesday, head down to the heated outdoor realm of wonderment that is the Butcher & the Boar beer garden. Inside, they will have all the meat madness and beer-soaked fun that you'll need to fortify yourself through those awkward familial exchanges. They'll be pouring specialty beers, including a barrel-aged B&B exclusive Libertine from Fulton. They've also got the Batch 300 brew and regular Libertine to share, and these will only be poured here this one historic day. To bring that collaboration full circle, the chefs at Butcher & the Boar have poured beer into their sausage to create the beautiful monster known as "The Butcher and the Boar Fulton Libertine Sausage." (No, they're not that creative on the titles, but it's going to taste really good.) Not a beer drinker? No worries. The maple-bourbon shots and hot toddies have got you covered. Drew Peterson and the Dead Pigeons will be playing for your aural enjoyment. The party starts at 4 p.m., with music from 7 until... More >>>