If you wanna have fun, fun, fun, the Flying Foot Forum is for you. Founded by Joe Chvala, this company embraces percussive dance in all its manifestations — from hoofing to clogging — with a rep that includes folktales, Scandinavian mythology, and madcap fairy tales. "Three and Three" gives the FFF audience a glimpse into the future with three sections of the group's next three full-evening projects, as well as reviving three of the most successful repertory pieces from its 21-year history. Included in the program will be a section of "Alice in Wonderland," which will premiere in the 2014 Ordway Children's Festival; a new jazz piece by Karla Grotting for their upcoming "America Concert"; and a section of the new work "Dancing Through the Halls," created collaboratively by Joe Chvala and Ukrainian singer Natalie Nowytski. From the past are an all-male version of the wildly architectural "Red Walls," Grotting's haunting folk quartet "All of One Size," and the hilarious English madrigal sendup "All Creatures Now Are Merry-Minded." All in all, it's an evening chock-full of performers... More >>>