Flags have been flying lately. Rainbow for Gay Pride. Stars and Stripes for July 4. La Tricolore for Bastille Day. Celebratory and emblematic, flags are identifiers. So why don't we each have one? Lauren Thorson, named one of the Walker Art Center's "Ten Artists to Watch in 2013," wondered this very thing. So she asked 25 artists from around the world to "create a flag representing their identity, associations, and loyalties. The artist should use the flag as a means to communicate ideals and/or needed information that will stand strong in a contemporary environment." This weekend, the flags will fly en masse at Gamut Gallery in a performative event. Participants include diverse artists such as Maison Nue (a collaborative design, textile, and music studio run by four young Persian women) and Peter Haakon Thompson of Minneapolis, who is already well known for his flags and flag ceremonies. There will be an opening reception from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday,... More >>>