Having a beer in the Science Museum, or any museum, is usually not a good idea. You can either chat with friends over drinks or look at dinosaurs — not both. But a few nights a year, the Science Museum of Minnesota makes all of your inner child's dreams come true with Social Science, a 21-plus night featuring drinks, food, and special happenings. This month's event focuses on one of the museum's current exhibits, "Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed." During the celebration, visitors can explore the fascinating reality behind the great ancient society whose calendar led a certain conspiratorial segment of the population to think we would all be dead seven months ago. The world-premiere display not only explores the life of the kings and elites of Mayan society, but also everyday artisans and farmers, about which much less is known. The featured speaker for the evening will be chef Amalia Moreno-Damgaard,... More >>>