If there's any great secret to the music that Pony Trash play, it's that there really isn't any secret. The beauty of what the Minneapolis four-piece does lies in the simplicity of droning, one-note guitar riffs and rhythms testing the monotony barrier. And yet, like any good sleight of hand, what the band members do — or more precisely, how they do what they do — somehow evades explanation. Within the songs' breathless restraint, dreamy soundscapes, and cryptic lyrics is a message, but it's delivered in code. That's not to say that Pony Trash won't still rock out, because they most definitely do, especially live. But the guys have spent years playing in loud, lacerating rock bands like STNNNG, Gospel Gossip, and Chambermaids. So in a way, having the chance to play quietly — to turn the volume down and listen closely to each other, to focus on the subtlety and dynamics of a song — is a fresh and invigorating idea. With... More >>>