Summer festivals aren't just for music and fried-food fans. This weekend, lovers of anime will flock to Bloomington for three days of fun. Panel talks will explore topics such as everyday steampunk, hentai, OTPs and shipping, furries, and K-pop. Saturday night's festivities include a "nerdcore" concert with Doctor Awkward, YTCracker, and others, and there will also be a masquerade ball that should give cosplayers a chance to shine. Throughout the weekend, there will be plenty of opportunities for folks to get their geek on, with video-game competitions, film and show screenings, vendor sales, fandom meetups, room parties, rave dances, and more. Feeling hungry? The celebration will be offering free ramen and other snacks. Another tip: While it's easy to find yourself overstimulated, the festival's handbook gently recommends sleeping, eating, and showering between days. For... More >>>