If there's one thing we've learned over the past few years, it's that making sports stars into heroes is a no-win game. At best, they'll outstay their welcome in the spotlight, tarnishing the hard work of their career. At worst, we learn embarrassing facts about their personal lives (hello, Brett Favre!) or discover that they essentially cheated their way to the top. Which brings us to Lance Armstrong, the now disgraced cycling star who, like a '90s-era baseball player crushing home run after home run, denied that he did anything wrong until he finally admitted that, yeah, he was cheating the whole time. The latest Brave New Workshop revue, the 280th the company has created in more than half a century of comedy, takes a probing look at cheaters, liars, and the dishonesty that makes the world go around. Expect more than the Tour de France, Livestrong bracelets, and the use of intimidation and fear to get what you want, as there are plenty of targets for the Brave New Workshop folks to put in their crosshairs. Caleb McEwen directs, while the company from... More >>>