Orny Adams never does the same show twice. "I have all these things that rush at me at the same time," he explains. "There are so many options up there. When you play tennis, you have to hit the ball where it is. But in standup, I'll have five things pop out of my head." Keeping it all straight in the development stages is another challenge. Although he has the option of recording ideas on his iPhone, typing them into a notes app, or emailing himself, he prefers to jot ideas down on paper. "I used to keep a stack of papers in my back pocket, and it worked out really well," he says. "I knew where everything was on paper. But now it's a game called 'Where the Hell Did I Write that Down?'" A bit he's currently trying to pull together involves the controversy over the number of continents on Earth. "Some countries say there are six, others say four," he reports. "I don't know if you've seen the pictures from space, but these things are pretty big. If we can't agree on how many continents there are, how are we ever going to get along?" He pauses. "I don't know. It might take me three years to flesh out that bit." No matter. He still packs comedy clubs across the country, which is what he enjoys most. He'd like to do more acting, and he's having a blast... More >>>