For the 14th anniversary of Dykes Do Drag, the highly theatrical drag-cabaret romp at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, folks will be mixing things up. Performers will take on the work of other artists as a form of homage, parody, and the like. "We joked about it being mutual masturbation. Like a circle-jerk show, or an 'Oh my god, I totally wish I would have done that!' show," says DDD producer and founder Heather Spear, a.k.a. Gentleman King, who will share the stage with three other original performers this weekend: co-founder the Glam King, Prince Ass Maggie Mayhem, and Buttgirl. Long-time participants Barbara Gordon, Esme Rodriguez, Randy Dandy, the Duke of Oil, and Cocoa Puff O Licious will also be entertaining audiences, along with Eddie Humpadick, Hank Heat, Dickie Van Dyke, and Digital Trauma. Newer talents include Miss Patter Good, Paulie Graf, and, performing for the first time, Rusty O'Toole. More information on... More >>>