Emo Philips is arguably one of our greatest joke writers. Standup over the last few years has gravitated toward observation and storytelling, which is fine since there are a lot of people who do that very well. However, there's nothing quite like Philips's off-the-wall one-liners. And it seems the world agrees. Always popular in the U.K., Philips had the opportunity to take his jokes to Jakarta in November. "I played three nights in Jakarta," he reports via email from his home in Los Angeles. "The shows were attended by expats, so luckily — as I do not think they have a word for coleslaw — I didn't have to learn Indonesian." It was a 36-hour trip from southern California to Jakarta. "Hotels and meals are incredibly inexpensive, so I decided to stay in Indonesia an entire month." While there, he was able to see the sun rise from the ancient Buddhist temple at Borobudur, ride an elephant, visit the Bali Bird, and go to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, where two monkeys attempted to copulate atop his noggin. "To Balinese monkeys, apparently, the top of my head is Make-out Point. I myself have always thought of the top of my head as a romantic place; it was nice to finally get confirmation. Sadly, though, no photo exists." Back in the states, Philips has a steady gig on... More >>>