Sarah Ruhl's work, subtitled "the vibrator play," was an unlikely Broadway success, earning a trio of Tony nominations, a number of best-play accolades, and a finalist nod for the Pulitzer Prize for drama. Ruhl's play gets its local premiere this week at the Jungle Theater under the direction of Sarah Rasmussen, who worked with Ruhl on the original Broadway production. The cast features John Middleton and Christina Baldwin as Dr. and Mrs. Givings, an upper-class couple in late 19th-century New York. The good doctor specializes in "hysterical" disorders, and has begun using a new-fangled electric invention to treat the women under his care. All the noise intrigues his wife, who begins to investigate. Rasmussen has developed a strong reputation across the country in recent years as a director to watch. This includes work in the Twin Cities with Mixed Blood (including this... More >>>