It's hard to feel cool standing in line at Target. Fortunately, the folks at CO Exhibitions know how to make looking for gifts feel hip. And while you may not find that kitchen item mom has been hinting around at here, this weekend will be a great opportunity for you to knock off the local music heads, budding artists, and scenesters on your list. Here, you'll find unique gift ideas from local artists and organizations including Modern Radio Records (a label that boasts acts such as STNNNG, Sims, and Vampire Hands), Bikini Press (featuring the artwork of Jenny Schmid), Landland (cool gig posters), and Bark Bite Dog Treats. There will also be a variety of scratch-and-dent posters, test prints, discounted T-shirts, and plenty of other fun things to potentially stick under the tree between boxes of unwanted ugly... More >>>