Geoff Tate just got off the road after a multi-week tour with Doug Stanhope, famous for both his hard partying and his intense fan base, and Tate says he learned a lot from the comedy icon. "It took me a week of being in a van with him to stop thinking, 'Holy shit, that's Doug Stanhope.'" Eventually he did, and Tate says the most significant lesson he took from the experience was: Do whatever you want onstage. "Every time I would start to lose my mind onstage, I'd see Doug come out of the green room and I'd know that's what catches his interest. Just do whatever you want. There's no rules to any of this." Tate's got an inborn aversion to rules as the wayward son of a Pentecostal minister, but he's mellowed a bit into an obstreperous storyteller whose sets are laced with sharp observations and autobiography. It's earned him spots on Comedy Central and... More >>>