Back in those heady days of the mid-'80s, when the Replacements and Hüsker Dü walked the earth and Twin-Tone Records ruled the roost, Minneapolis's music scene boasted an embarrassment of riches that has rightfully become the stuff of folklore. Among the many much-loved acts of the day were the Magnolias, the scrappy little pop-punk brothers to the Suburbs and Suicide Commandos. Playing buzz-saw riffs behind John Freeman's snarling vocals, the Mags held their own and more with the Cities' luminaries, punchy anthems like "When I'm Not" and "Bring It Back" carrying the band to the verge of widespread acclaim. While such success ultimately eluded them, the band became underground legends and to this day maintain a special place in many a Midwesterner's heart. More than 25 years after their first show at the Uptown Bar in April 1985, the Mags' appearance at the Turf offers a night with one local treasure that hasn't yet passed on to musical Valhalla. With North of Grand, Tim Casey & the... More >>>