Goat: so hot right now. No, really, it is. And not just for cheese, milk, luxury soaps, or painfully cute YouTube videos (do yourself a favor and look up "baby goats on a seesaw"), but increasingly as the star protein in your entree. As recently as five or six years ago, it used to be that you'd only see goat meat — also called cabrito in Mexican cuisine and chevon by some European chefs and PR wizards attempting to give it a more exclusive-sounding spin — on menus of specialty and ethnic restaurants. But these days goat, the most widely consumed meat in the world, has become more mainstream on American menus, even here in the Twin Cities, where we are lucky to have a local purveyor like Nerstrand-based Singing Hills Goat Dairy producing all kinds of quality goods from its humanely raised animals. So with the seemingly unavoidable global bacon shortage impending, goat seems poised to become the protein de rigueur, but it's going to take the efforts of chefs like Ian Gray, owner of the recently opened Lyn-Lake restaurant the Gray House, to bring it to our... More >>>