Smoking, drying, salting, and pickling are all methods of food preservation that have been applied to perishables since the very inception of agriculture. Whenever you're on a road trip and find yourself craving a protein-rich snack, say a little "thank you" to your ancestors. They're the reason beef jerky exists. Are you the type of person who snatches the pickle spear from everyone's box lunch? Your long-deceased relatives were the geniuses who figured out how to make veggies last practically forever by bathing them in brine. Of course on the flip side, should you ever find yourself at a church basement Christmas buffet, you may also silently curse your Viking predecessors for experimenting with cod and caustic lye. In any case, all these methods would be obsolete in our modern world, given the advances in technology and widespread access to cold storage (not to mention the invention of hyper-stabilized, mass-produced items like the Twinkie), if not for one very convincing detail: Plenty of... More >>>