Brent Weinbach seems very in control onstage. It's almost as if you're watching a hip college professor do a standup set. That may be because Weinbach used to do all kinds of teaching. He was a substitute teacher in public schools, and a Sunday-school teacher for three years. Both jobs had practical applications in his career as a comedian, though there were limits. "If someone in the audience heckles me, I can't take a stick and hit their hand with it," he laments. In his authoritative, borderline deadpan delivery, he tells audiences about substitute teaching in the Oakland, California, school system. "I got abused by students on a daily basis," he recalls. "Sometimes they criticized my pants for being worn too tightly." The students provided seemingly endless commentary: "Sup, Mr. Pants? Your pants are doing too much. Looks like you're wearing your little brother's pants. Your pants are so tight you're messing up my sperm count." These days, he's getting much more respect from comedy audiences, as he has become one of the top headlining comics in... More >>>