Though I much prefer grocery shopping to clothes shopping, when I do have to look for new jeans or a party dress, I tend to gravitate toward the clearance rack. It's inescapable: I come from a long line of thrifters, garage salers, and vintage enthusiasts, the kind of people who wait until Tuesdays to make a trip to Goodwill so they can score their tchotchkes at a 20 percent discount. Did you know there's a Goodwill outlet? There is, and I've been there, and it's crazy. Though I pride myself on chasing down a deal, it took years to realize that my habit of buying four $20 items that I might wear once or twice instead of one $80 item I would wear again and again wasn't really as sensible as I'd thought. Sometimes it's worth investing a little more in a piece that will go the distance, whose quality is evident in its craftsmanship. However, I don't believe the same "get what you pay for" rule is necessarily true when it comes to eating out. The degree of pleasure you take in a dish is not directly proportional to how much it costs. You don't necessarily get more mileage out of a sandwich that is served on a white china plate than from one in a... More >>>