Soo Visual Arts Center's latest exhibition, "Weathering the Storm," features 13 new works from Minneapolis-based artist Greg Gossel. His large-scale pieces on paper and canvas are huge, and incredibly layered and detailed. In the past, Gossel has folded elements like newspaper headlines, gig posters, and pulp-fiction book covers into his art. For this show, he is working with scraps from billboards and street-level advertisements from Minneapolis, New York, and Chicago. The key words and recognizable bits found in the weathered material certainly bring one to pause for a moment to think about the myriad of advertising people pass by with each stroll through the city. Is this a good thing? Gossell's work manages to be simultaneously critical and celebratory, so the answer to this question will have to be determined by each viewer. There will be an opening reception from 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday,... More >>>