The founders of Circus Juventas, Dan and Betty Butler, modeled this youth circus on the spectacle of Cirque de Soleil, focusing on the art form rather than a series of disconnected spectacular stunts. Not that the Juventas cast, which features the school's advanced students, fails to offer up plenty of excitement as exuberant teens defy gravity with skill and panache. It's great to watch these kids maneuver through a web of bungee cords with the dexterity of Spider-Man, or thrill us with spine-tingling drops and rebounds. This year's extravaganza explores the lighter side of the Wild West with plenty of wholesome saloon girls, high-flying outlaws, and mail-order brides who can handle a bicycle built for 10 with aplomb. Sparks will fly, but not of the blazing gunfire variety. Here is serious play at its... More >>>