Comedy-rap duo Valley Meadows drop their debut disc this Sunday at the SAUCE show at Cause Spirits & Soundbar, with a little help from Stand Up! Records — and Gary's stepdad, Neal. Valley Meadows is a collaboration between harried substitute teacher Gary Shinchenshenzenski and his semi-fly layabout pal MC Tom (comedians Chris Knutson and Zach Coulter). In a pair of tracks that bookend the eponymous album, Neal explains the origins of the record: He discovered the audio files on his stepson Gary's computer and is releasing them to raise Gary's overdue rent money. The record is a smartly intertwined hodgepodge of hip-hop tracks and sketches that even comes with its own party anthem, "Put Your Balls on the Ceiling." The CD-release show is part of the regular music-and-comedy SAUCE showcase, which takes place the first and third Sundays of every month. Also on tonight's bill is standup from Amber Preston, Nate Abshire, and Chris Maddock, and music from Courtney McLean and the Dirty Curls, Jonah the Destroyer, and Karma... More >>>