It's considered poor form to openly take advantage of your neighbors, but if that neighbor happens to be a dynamite little brewery, well, exceptions should be made. So I'm recommending we all look the other way and allow Mosaic Cafe, a new family-friendly restaurant in Longfellow, to keep taking advantage of nearby Harriet Brewing Company with a decent beer selection and clever use of brew in their food. Mosaic moved into the old Glacier Cafe space, conveniently situated right across the street from Harriet, whose taproom is viewable from Mosaic's comfortable, cute-as-a-button patio. Mosaic is keeping some of Glacier's old traditions alive, like the frozen custard and full coffee bar, but is upping the ante with a handful of Thousand Hills grass-fed beef burgers, a few solid vegetarian selections, almost undetectably vegan bakery treats, and really, truly... More >>>