There's no better way to celebrate your independence than by dropping trou, hopping on your bike, and cruising around town feeling the breeze. That's exactly what's going to happen this July 4 holiday, during the annual Freedom From Pants Ride through downtown Minneapolis. The event starts promptly at 6 p.m. in the lot next to the Soap Factory. It begins as all good parties do: with some pre-ride socializing and disrobing. Riders will take off at 7 p.m., at which point pants-free participants will cruise through town with an occasional stop for drinks (BYOB; no bar stops) before returning to the Soap Factory for fireworks. Last year's event had over 200 participants of all ages, biking abilities, and underwear fashions, and the organizers are planning for an even bigger turnout this year. As for what's acceptable in terms of dress code, it's fairly open-ended. The only guidance provided is "flattering is good, funny is better, and flattering plus funny is a jackpot." Underwear, bikes, and freedom: If that doesn't scream... More >>>