There's a time for serious examinations of important issues of the day, and then there's a time for a door-slamming farce. Georges Feydeau was a master of the latter form, producing comedies that could be funny in any language. Gremlin Theater tackles "An Absolute Turkey," a new adaptation of Feydeau's Le Dindon created by Nicki Frei and Peter Hall for the Globe Theatre in London. Feydeau crafted dozens of farces during the end of the 19th century and the first part of the 20th, earning fame for the likes of "A Flea in Your Ear." The work centers on the titular fool (in other words, a real turkey), whose aspirations for the wife of his best friend lead to an overly complex revenge plot — one that certainly will include plenty of high jinks along the way. The production features the acting talents of Joe Bombard, Sara Richardson, Ryan Lindberg, Megan Down, Peter Christian Hansen, and plenty of others. Director Brian Balcom will attempt to... More >>>