Ever watch a zombie movie and catch yourself screaming that the characters are doing it wrong? Running the wrong way, hiding behind something stupid, not making their escape when they have the chance? Now you've got a shot to prove you can do it better. This Saturday, brain-hungry, virus-spreading zombies will be out for blood in Millville at the Run for Your Lives 5K. This is not your average jog: All participants are given a bunch of flags to wear during the race, representing health. Throughout the course, the zombies will attempt to snatch the flags and, ultimately, devour the runners, undead-style. Throughout the course runners will have the opportunity to earn "health bonuses" by tackling obstacles, and if they cross into the safe zone at the finish with at least one flag, they'll be eligible to win sweet prizes. Their survival will be celebrated after the race during the Apocalypse Party, where zombies and survivors alike will eat, drink, and party like it's the end of the world. Zombie and runner spots are all sold out, but you can still pick up spectator apocalypse passes and watch the carnage safely, toasting like you're the last survivor at the end of the... More >>>