Tyler Boeh seems like a nice enough fellow, but when times are tough his dark side emerges. He tells an audience about a time he had a horrible thought. "I could rob those two old ladies," he says. "And that is a horrible thought. My second thought, which should have been 'No, that would be wrong,' was 'Nobody carries cash these days.'" It gets worse. "I wasn't worried about the morality, I was worried about the profitability of the transaction. I thought, 'What am I going to get? Some hard candy and some change from the coin purse?' My third thought was 'No, that would be wrong,' and my fourth thought was 'Fuck it.' And I robbed them." The Portland native built a solid following in the region, winning comedy competitions in his hometown as well as nearby Seattle. He headed off to Boston after being featured in a magazine article about comedians who felt they didn't have to leave the Pacific Northwest to have successful comedy careers. After four years in Boston, where he was a club favorite, he relocated to Los Angeles where he lives today. His career continues to move forward, and though he can afford things like an HDTV, he's not sure he and his girlfriend really need one. "She's nearsighted," he explains, "and I've got a lazy eye. No amount of clarity is going to fix that. I watched... More >>>