For anyone who is still yammering on about the underwhelming poutine at Rye, or who can't keep from lamenting the loss of Duplex's classic take on the same dish, perhaps the problem lies not with the restaurant's preparation or your hazy memory but rather with, dare I say, poutine itself? Long the go-to example of over-the-top, gut-busting bar food, poutine is a symphonic ode to LDL, and that's part of the fun of eating it. But if you can keep an open mind about what some may deem a culinary sacrilege, then plan to arrive a little early for your dinner at Mona, Lisa Hanson's new restaurant on the ground floor of the Accenture Tower in downtown Minneapolis. If you catch the tail end of Mona's happy hour, when the tie-loosened business types have finally grabbed the light rail home, you can still order the Suicide Fries, a deceptively light-handed reimagining of poutine. Inspired by the favorite after-shift indulgence of one of the restaurant's servers, the dish is composed of a pile of crisp French fries accessorized gorgeously with frothy rosemary-speckled hollandaise sauce, wisps of shaved Parmesan, and tiny cubes of crackling house-cured bacon, Mona's signature meat made with local pork from Hidden Stream Farm, which can be added to any dish on the... More >>>