While the vitriolic debates over a new Vikings stadium have been inescapable, the excruciatingly drawn-out negotiations are by no means the only cause for consternation amongst sports fans. With a handful of notable exceptions, Minnesota teams have been plagued of late by an accursed combination of squandered potential, wretched management, and incessant injuries. Factor in skyrocketing ticket prices, and the lamentable results are enough to exhaust the patience of even the most diehard supporter. Before tossing those season tickets, however, one should consider taking in a movie at the Sports Show, the latest cinematic retrospective hosted by Take-Up Productions at Trylon microcinema. Thematically mirroring the identically named exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Sports Show offers a seven-film lineup devoted to the blood, sweat, and tears of athletic exploits. The... More >>>