The many sides of choreographer James Sewell characterize this innovative program. There's his musicality and inventive take on classical ballet, front and center in "Opus 131" set to Beethoven's string quartet played live by the award-winning Parker Quartet (a collaboration with the Schubert Club). Sewell approaches the music as the evolution of a society, then proceeds to break all the rules. This neo-classical work is paired with his newest venture, "A Sound Embrace," co-created with tango expert Sabine Ibes. A glimpse of this Latin adventure on Sewell's February Dance Works concert revealed a charismatic connection between Sewell and Ibes, both as choreographers and performers. Uniting Argentine tango and contact improvisation, the duet elicited a collective sigh of satisfaction from the audience. It will be interesting to see the work expanded to include all of Sewell's fine... More >>>