Photographers who contribute to Instagram using their iPhones know that selecting from one of the popular app's 11 filters is part of the fun. Tint? Border? Black and white? Ah, yes. Black and white adds immediate intentionality, nostalgia, and unreality to any photograph, which is why the Minneapolis Photo Center's new exhibition focuses on this minimalist aesthetic palette. Bevin Bering-Dubrowski, executive director of the Houston Center for Photography, juried the show, which includes street shots, portraits, and landscapes created via a variety of technologies, including wet plates and, yes, iPhones. Photographers often use "black and white as a way to pare the composition down, to eliminate the color, and to focus on the shape, form, and line of a subject," Bering-Dubrowski writes on the center's website. In doing so, they create "a vision... distilled, silenced, captured in a moment that oscillates between bright whites, deep blacks, and rich shades of gray." Also opening are selected works by Ross Andersson. The opening reception is from 7 to 9 p.m.... More >>>