Howard Stern may be the self-proclaimed King of All Media, but the man who famously filled Stern's spot after he departed terrestrial radio has carved out quite a media fiefdom for himself. Comedian Adam Carolla has hosted syndicated radio, created and appeared in two television series for Comedy Central, and written a book, an independent film, and material for his best friend Jimmy Kimmel's late-night talk show. Versatile as he is, Carolla is most significantly a podcasting impresario, jumping in early to the podcast revolution and not long after establishing an entire network of shows under his own production company, three of which he hosts himself — one of them five days a week. Carolla's upcoming show at the Fitzgerald Theater isn't standup exactly, but storytelling laced with a little crowd interaction that gives him the opportunity to embark on the extemporaneous riffs that gained him a national audience as the co-host of the radio call-in show (turned... More >>>