It's late in the afternoon, and the members of James Sewell Ballet are nearing rehearsal's end at the Hennepin Center for the Arts. They're working on "Kinetic Head," which will premiere during the company's fall season in October, and it's a particularly tricky piece of choreography. Sewell watches closely as Penelope Freeh, Chris Hannon, Justin Leaf, Nicolas Lincoln, Emily Tyra, and newcomer Caroline Fermin try to solve what the choreographer has termed "body puzzles," a mind-bending array of rapid changes for the arms and legs. Along the way they swoop through fishtail turns and create subtle illusions as they travel across the floor, one following the other with rapt attention to physical detail and musical counts. During a pause, Tyra tries out a few breakdance moves, curling up her body and balancing on her hands. Finally, Sewell wants to review one more section, and reminds the group to be "small and relaxed" because "you're dead tired." Satisfied, he releases the dancers, acknowledging their hard work as "an investment in... More >>>