Malamanya are probably the only Cuban son band in Minneapolis, which—along with the growing scene of freak folkers and Tin Pan Alley-style beardo jug bands—shows how the city has embraced the need for tradition and the return to musical beginnings. Cuban son gained popularity about a decade and a half ago from the film Buena Vista Social Club, and served as the nucleus for the renewed interest in old-school players like Potato, Mango Santamaria, and the ubiquitous Tito Puente. What Malamanya bring to the local scene these days is a similar roots-driven representation of the form. Malamanya have built their own following in true DIY fashion, keeping the dance floor in a tizzy and sparking appreciation for the hits from Celia Cruz, Fania All-Stars, Willie Colón, and Guillermo Portabales. With Malamanya's exploration of the Cuban classics of days past, there is a celebration of the timeless value of music's ability to bring people together.... More >>>