Demetri Martin is often compared to fellow comic Steven Wright, although that assessment is a little misguided. Both share a love the slightly absurd, and usually deliver the laughs in the form of tight one-liners, but Martin long ago developed a distinct style. Still looking as though he's attending New York University Law School (he dropped out a semester away from graduating), Martin draws on a variety of tools for his comedy. A harmonica and guitar aren't out of the question, but his trademark tends to be his drawing board. "Sometimes when I tell jokes they don't work the way I intended," he explains to the audience. Standing next to an easel he continues, "I think it's because I didn't convey the picture in my head." Turning to the large pad he tells a joke about his cactus dying, complete with a drawing of the plant's tombstone. "Damn," he says, "I'm less nurturing than a desert." At this point he flips the sheet over to reveal the words "ladies that's not... More >>>